Welcome to Windy City Critic

Created in 2004, Windy City Critic is one of the oldest travel blogs on the internet. The site follows Chicago-based journalist Dan Hyland’s travels over 16 years on 2 continents, in 15 countries, thru 42 states and visiting over 100 cities. Windy City Critic features non-narrative documentary travel films, destination information and history, hotel recommendations, logistical tips and some personal escapades.

Hyland’s travels include world-class cities and small town wonders, sports trips and nature excursions, relaxing days at the beach and high flying adrenaline pumping adventures. Over 75 friends and family have participated in Windy City Critc’s expeditions, resulting in 15,000 words and 5 hours of non-narrative documentary travel films.

Hyland started the blog as a teenage high school newspaper editor. In 2009, he received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Columbia College in Chicago. A 10-year journalism veteran, Hyland’s pieces have been featured in print, online, radio and film with the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, ESPN 1000, SB Nation, Chicago Talks, Daily Southtown, Orland Park Prairie, Orland Park Patch and Beyond the Game. His diverse skills include sports writing, local political journalism and environmental investigations.

All pictures and videos are protected intellectual property of Windy City Critic and Dan Hyland.